MQ-9A - All data in MDDV
Full worldwide operational use




The 'Game Changer S1000D IETM'

MDDV (short for Maintenance Digital Data Viewer) is a complete and modular, next-generation IETM product. MDDV was developed from the ground up to provide the most effective and easy to use solution for the end-users. MDDV can be provided on the internet, over secure networks, and on standalone laptops/tablets MDDV is built to provide future growth by integration with external data systems, integration with aircraft systems, automatically provide usage information and support latest IT technologies.

See how we converted the S1000D specification to a S1000D XML format (what a novel idea...), and we are presenting it in MDDV - over the internet.

MQ-9A - All data in MDDV,
full worldwide operational use
HH-60G - All data in MDDV
B-1B - Phase-1 for MDDV complete

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