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MDDV/CSDB provides unparalleled CSDB and configuration management capabilities. The CSDB is customizable per program and can include support for configuration management of multiple weapon systems, multiple models, any combination of tail#, Before/After changes, technical skills, security classifications, physical location, and more.

The MDDV/CSDB also includes:


  • Publication pipeline. Authorized users can produce publication packages in real-time (full and partial data deliverable options are supported)

  • Access to all historical data

  • Standard S1000D validation package. Automatic, thorough checks of data (imported, or authored) to find S1000D violations

  • Extended verification capabilities, including referential integrity (internal and external references) Automatic links check, to identify broken links in data

  • Cascading BREX validation (generic and program specific)

  • Automatic conversion of graphics to SVG

  • Handling of 3D graphics

  • Support for MDDV Visual Search

  • Full support for Common Information Repository (CIR)

  • Full support for integrated digital wiring

  • Maintenance and sustainment of applicabilities, BREX, SNS, Security Classes, Info Code

  • User Administration, including support for multiple users’ roles (i.e., Author, Editor, QA, Val/Ver, and more), each with its unique permissions and capabilities. Assigning and management of active tasks

  • Use of the MDDV LOG on all activities in the CSDB

  • Provide an analytical dashboard, fed by the LOG data, to generate reports and provide analytical capabilities on time/cost spent in the use of the CSDB, accuracy, and quality of work, repeat issues, and more


The MDDV/CSDB is fast and can support datasets of any size.

For example, importing a dataset of about 5,000 DMs takes about 10-12 minutes.

Very large datasets (60K - 80K DMs) can be imported in about 45 minutes.

Want to see and use S1000D in a new way?

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