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Editorial Services & Support


ADS editorial support members specialize in developing new manuals (or editing existing ones) from approved Government source data. We are also bringing the knowledge and skill required to maintain existing manuals such as Checklists, Joint Services Manuals, Time Compliance Technical Orders (TCTOs), Job Guides, FI, FR, GS, SD, Work Packages, Wiring Diagram Manuals, and Flight Manuals.

ADS offers support of the following editorial applications:

  •     Indexed Portable Document Format (IPDF) or Portable Document Format (PDF)

  •     Desktop publishing software and Standard Generalized Mark-up Language (SGML)

  •     Use of Air Force approved text editor software

  •     Publishers for XML, SGML, GML, Graphics software to compose and illustrate Technical Orders

  •     Management, tracking, and document database providing configuration control over on-going projects and allowing new documentation to be created from existing files

  •     Use of a web-based workflow management application for managing Technical Order sustainment processes in support of Technical Order management requirements.

Want to see and use S1000D in a new way?

S1000D Compatible Products


MDDS (short for Multipurpose Digital Data System) is a complete and modular, next-generation S1000D platform. MDDS provides the most effective solutions for S1000D conversion, authoring, and publishing tools.


MDDV (short for Multipurpose Digital Data Viewer) is a complete and modular, next generation IETM solution. MDDV is included in the SWEEFT. MDDV365 provides the full MDDV experience and performance over the internet.


Parts Wizard is an online illustrated Parts Catalog (IPB) specially tailored for large weapon system, and includes graphical search capabilities and connectivity with external systems.
Parts Wizard is an optional module of the SWEEFT.


I-See is a business intelligence technology that is unique in providing true multidimensional, LIVE presentation and analysis of multi-source databases, over the web, with NO client installation (zero-footprint).
I-See is an optional module of the SWEEFT.

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