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6-Generation S1000D

MDDS (short for Multipurpose Digital Data System) is a complete and modular, next-generation S1000D platform. MDDS provides the most effective solutions for S1000D conversion, authoring, and publishing tools.

The main modules of the MDDS are:

  • S1000D conversion software - A revolutionary technology for S1000D conversion, making heavy use of pattern recognition, machine learning, and AI enables conversions to S1000D in an unprecedentedly short time and low price.

  • CMS - a complete back-end data management software (including authoring, QA and reporting)

  • MDDV - The comprehensive viewer – the only Class-6 IETM in the market. Unparalleled capabilities and best-in-market performance 

  • I-See - Dashboard for data analysis, reports, trends, and predictions on all the LOG collected data

  • LOG - The automatic data tracking and collection software, included in MDDV

  • MultiConfig - 6-Generation secure configuration management and large data storage

Enterprise Modules

  • Fleet Troubleshooting Analyzer

  • S1000D Enterprise Author

  • Fleet Scheduling Wizard

  • Fleet AFTO22 Router

  • MICAP Wizard

  • MDDS FLIS Server

Want to see and use S1000D in a new way?

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