Dude…this MDDV thingy is pretty damn sweet…USAF finally getting it right​

Airman email

MDDV is absolutely the best IETP that exists today in the market

Ziv Levinson 1st - IAI Projects & ILS manager


the 'Game Changer S1000D IETM'

MDDV (short for Multipurpose Digital Data Viewer), also known as Maintenance Wizard™ is a complete and modular, next-generation IETM product. MDDV was developed from the ground up to provide the most effective and easy to use solution for the end-users.

  • MDDV can be provided on the internet, over secure networks, and on standalone laptops/tablets

  • MDDV is built to provide future growth by integration with external data systems, integration with aircraft systems, automatically provide usage information and support latest IT technologies

  • MDDV is a Class-6 IETM

  • MDDV is a 6-Generation IETM/IETP

Certified for USAF Network

MDDV version 11.x is certified in accordance with (IAW) AFI 33-210 as application software connected to the AF Network (AFNET) and AF SIPRNet and is placed on the AF Evaluated/Approved Products List (AF E/APL).

MDDV 11 Certified for USAF Network - Press Release

…Downloaded the new file and it worked like a charm. 
And your program works eleventy billion times better than the old system we were using!​

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Unique and Powerful Capabilities

  • Enables familiar TO interface

  • Most responsive system (pages are a second away)

  • All graphics display automatically

  • Quick access to disparate data

  • System-wide searches - fast, comprehensive, intuitive

  • Graphical searches - unique, game-changing technology

  • Integrated forms - auto-filled for the user

  • LiveWire™ - probably the best wiring system in the market: instant, dynamic, and integrated with all maintenance data

  • Superb UI - clean, graphical, and customizable

Zero-Wait-State (ZWS) IETM - Any page is a second away™

Any page, module, or link will open in MDDV in a second. If you find it hard to believe - ask us for a demo.
The size of the data does not affect that - even very large data sets will be this responsive.

Full Support for S1000D

MDDV includes full support for S1000D (all issues, including 4.2).
MDDV can support any feature listed in the S1000D Functionality Matrix, for S1000D for all issues, including 4.2.
MDDV also fully supports complete synergy with S2000M/S3000L.

HH-60G - All data in MDDV

Full Support for SGML

MDDV includes native support for SGML. The full functionality of MDDV is retained, plus the data presentation can mimic PDF (i.e., display by TO, Chapter, Section). Inputting SGML data to MDDV is a one-time process (called induction), only mapping all graphical elements to MDDV. SGML induction cost is a fraction of S1000D conversion. Complete induction takes less than 6 months (for a major weapon system). Since there is no conversion (the source SGML does not change) – there is no need for a Val/Ver process. Future changes to the SGML are processed instantly (1-5 minutes for large data). In addition, the SGML data can be used simultaneously and interchangeably with MDDV S1000D, DITA and, PDF data (combined in the TOC, searches cover all the data, etc.)

Full Support for DITA

MDDV includes native support for DITA. The full functionality of MDDV is retained. DITA induction costs a fraction of S1000D conversion. In addition, the DITA data can be used simultaneously and interchangeably with MDDV S1000D, SGML, and PDF data (combined in the TOC, searches cover all the data, etc.) 

Native Support for PDF

MDDV includes native support for PDF (no additional PDF viewer is needed). This includes partial functionality of MDDV. Inducting PDF files into MDDV can be done very quickly (thousands of files in a day). In addition, the PDF data can be used simultaneously and interchangeably with MDDV S1000D, SGML, and DITA data (combined in the TOC, searches cover all the data, etc.) 


MDDV requires no installation, no maintenance, no updates (also, no Java, Flash, plugins, extension or ActiveX are used or required).

All Major Browsers

MDDV can run in any of the major browsers (IE11, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari).

MQ-9A - All data in MDDV,
full worldwide operational use

Agnostic to Computer and Operating System

Use MDDV on any computer and operating system (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux) that supports a major browser.
Full support for touch devices (such as iPad), with an enhanced interface optimized for keyboardless/touch UI.


Optimized for CBM+

(Conditioned-Based Maintenance+)

  • Maintenance Data Collection - MDDV automatically collects real-time maintenance data (time to perform all activities, by user, unit, tail, model)

  • Fault Detection, Diagnostics, Prognostics - All steps & timings collected automatically – fed into advanced troubleshooting analyzer module

  • Integration with Logistics & Training

  • Next generation work-cards (automatically optimized output by tail/job/skills/area – every step automatically tracked, timed, and reported)

  • Fully Integrated Data/IETM

Additional Capabilities

The following modules can be added to your MDDV package:

B-1B - Phase-1 for MDDV complete
  • Multi-Language UI

  • 3D UI

  • Weapons Wizard

  • Change Notifier

  • Applicability Wizard (applicability changes on the fly)

  • Integrated Virtual Forms

  • Test Wizard

  • MDDV Enterprise Edition


Want to see and use S1000D in a new way?


MDDV 365

the 'Game Changer IETM'

over the internet

  • MDDV365 provides the complete functionality of MDDV-10, over the internet (for datasets of any size - even hundred of thousands of data modules).

  • The same fantastic speed and performances are retained.

  • MDDV365 provides unparalleled capabilities to multi-location and international corporation - real-time updates for datasets of any size, so all users are automatically using the same latest version, 24x7x365 worldwide.

  • MDDV365 is customizable by design.

  • To try it live - contact us and we will email you a link (no installation is required).


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