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Parts Wizard™ takes Illustrated Parts Catalogs/Breakdown (IPC/B) to a new level.
It is an independent module of our MDDV (Multipurpose Digital Data Viewer) package.

The Parts Wizard can be provided as a fully S1000D compatible. It provides an innovative and easy to use interface (including support for 3D models). It includes a direct connection with back-end, engineering systems, two-way connectivity with all MDDV data, and direct connections with supply and ordering systems.

Parts Wizard performance is instant - everything under one second, for any size data (tens and hundred of thousands of unique parts).

Parts Wizard can be used from the web, a secure network and can also be used on standalone machines (any machine with a major browser).

Zero Footprint

Part Wizard requires no installation, no maintenance, no updates (also, no Java, Flash, plugins or ActiveX are used or required).

Want to see and use S1000D in a new way?

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If you are looking to replace your IETM solution, or would like to implement an effective solution we will be happy to discuss your requirements and wishes - contact us for more details, or if you want to see it in action.

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