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Weapons Wizard

Weapons Wizard™ takes the complex and dangerous process of loading weapons on a fighter aircraft to a new level. It is a module of our MDDV (Multipurpose Digital Data Viewer), that requires customization for the intended platform.

The Weapons Wizard can be provided as fully S1000D or SGML compatible and can even be added as a standalone module to PDF data. It cuts the planning time required for weapons loading by more than 90% and assures that all steps, in all required checklists are completed and accounted for. Each loading session is saved for a program-designated time. Then Weapons Wizard could be used, in the same way for weapons unloading.

Weapons Wizard tracks all the time spent on every loading/unloading step. It provides real-time, detailed statistics for each aircraft loading, and provides a detailed real-time dashboard for detailed analysis, trends, and insights of the loading process (by aircraft, unit, user, date, weapons, station, etc.).
Weapons Wizard provides an innovative and easy-to-use graphical interface. It can include a direct connection with back-end systems, engineering systems, two-way connectivity with all MDDV data, and virtual forms (in MDDV).

Weapons Wizard performance is instant - everything under one second, for any size data.
Weapons Wizard can be used from the Gov-Cloud, a secure network, and can also be used on standalone machines (any machine with a major browser).


MDDV requires no installation, no maintenance, no updates (also, no Java, Flash, plugins, extension or ActiveX are used or required).

Weapons Wizard is Patent Pending

Want to see and use S1000D in a new way?

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