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The Best IETM - MDDV

Our leading product MDDV (click for more information!), is widely considered as the best IETM in the market, and part of our comprehensive SWEEFT software suite that also includes I-See, LOG, Parts Wizard, MDDT, LiveWire and our CSDB.

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Introducing the Next Generation IETM

MQ-9A - All data in MDDV,
full worldwide operational use

Best Support for S1000D: S1000D Creation, S1000D Conversion, and S1000D Sustainment

As a quick example, we converted the S1000D specification to a S1000D XML format (what a novel idea...), and we are presenting it in MDDV - over the internet.

Want to see and use S1000D in a new way?

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We are a dedicated group of ex-military and technical maintenance and publication experts, coupled with some amazing software developers. Together we develop drastically innovative solutions for the military and aerospace (in the fields of technical data, maintenance, logistics, training, and scheduling).

American Data Solutions (ADS) is a proud American company: 100% American owned, 100% of the employees are US Citizens.

HH-60G - All data in MDDV
B-1B - Phase-1 for MDDV complete