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American Data Solutions (ADS) is a proud American company: 100% American-owned, and 100% of the employees are US Citizens.
ADS was formed in 2011 in Georgia. ADS is an S-Corp headquartered in Georgia. ADS offers information technology (IT) professional services through General Services Administration (GSA) contract number 47QTCA19D00K6. GSA has determined ADS’s prices to be fair and reasonable.
At ADS, we combine unique software development methodologies (AGILE++) used by our amazing software developers with a dedicated group of ex-military and aerospace technical maintenance and publication experts. Together, we develop the most innovative S1000D solutions for the military and aerospace and any field with large, dynamic data, including nuclear power stations, space, and maritime (in the fields of technical data, publishing, maintenance, logistics, training, and scheduling).
We bring the most advanced IETM/IETP (MDDV), the most advanced CSDB (CSDB/AI), and related software products. ADS’ innovative solutions are enabling the digital transformation of highly engineered platforms.
We are revolutionizing military, aerospace, and maritime technical data, conversion, and sustaining S1000D data with unique integration to 3D modeling, engineering, and design software.
Using our technologies results in unprecedented gains in maintenance and logistics effectiveness, drastic savings, and effective and happy users.


Ran Meriaz

Ran Meriaz

President & CEO
  • Israeli Air Force Academy Graduate
  • Founded ADS in 2011 to provide the U.S. Air Force with a best-in-class maintenance software solution
  • 30+ years of aerospace logistics, aircraft maintenance, and software industry expertise
Murray Hansen

Murray Hansen

Executive Vice President.
  • MBA from Liberty University
  • Retired from the US Air Force as Assistant Adjutant General, Hawaii National Guard
  • Joined ADS in 2019 as Executive Vice President
  • Rated as a Master Navigator, Air Battle Manager, and Commercial Pilot with over 3,200 flight hours
  • 33+ years of aerospace, defense logistics, and aircraft systems expertise


ADS actively engages in industry conferences to stay at the forefront of technological advancements and foster meaningful connections
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