Yes, 6‑Gen IETM/P is defined by having the criteria listed below. MDDV 11 fully supports all those criteria items (and more…).en IETM/P Criteria: Partial Data Delivery (PDD), S1000D 4.1 thru 5.0, Video zero-footprint, Secure, Touch UI, 3D zero-footprint, 2D Vector Graphics zero-footprint, Integrated digital wiring, Integrated PDF, Supports Legacy-User-Interface (LUI) in S1000D, Links with instant Preview, True Zero-Footprint, Visual Search, Virtual Forms, Automatic Logging & data collection, Instant responsiveness on any size data, Troubleshooting analyzer (AI & ML), Connected & Not-connected modes, OS-agnostic (any OS with a major browser), Multilingual (support all languages in data and UI), Secure, integrated social networking, Secure Communication Hub, Integrated CSDB/AI, Integrated Training “practice like you play”, and, Fleet Management Dashboards.

Yes, MDDV is the only 6‑Gen IETM/P on the market. MDDV supports all data types (S1000D, SGML, PDF, 3D), in zero-footprint. MDDV automates predictive and preventative maintenance data collection, curation, and analysis and customizes business intelligence dashboards, I-See™, that highlight problems and offer data-driven solutions using AI and ML. Finally, the Hey Chief™ social network enables secure file sharing and live messaging and video calling. As one MQ-9 technician said, “Dude, this MDDV thingy is pretty damn sweet! The Air Force finally got it right.” Another technician said, “Your program works eleventy-billion times better than the old system we were using.”

Powered by Bindows, MDDV automatically adapts to the highest security settings imposed on a network, with zero lost functionality. MDDV is concurrently operating on Northrop Grumman’s secure network and is the only IETM/P certified to operate on the Air Force’s Secret Internet Protocol Network (SIPRNet). MDDV is also operationally used on the AWSGC (Government cloud) by thousands of users.

Usage data automatically logged can be curated and published by MDDV AI and ML software to enable maintenance, logistics, engineering, supply chain, and operations managers to forecast predictive and preventative maintenance plans and schedules. MDDV is the most important Condition-Based Maintenance Plus (CBM+) enabler available to the A4 enterprise.ne USAF Major heavily involved with CBM+ implementation across the Air Force stated, “If we want to be more effective faster, we need to holistically change what data we capture and how we capture that data. Stop having maintainers record information that no one looks at again. We then need to be able to rapidly and reliably exploit that newly captured data across multiple fronts to include maintenance planning, and wholesale and retail supply. This tool, when implemented within an eco-system, checks all of those boxes!”

MDDV securely utilizes all data types (S1000D, SGML, PDF, 3D) all in zero-footprint (not using any plugins, extensions, Flash, etc.) If your data is in SGML - you do not require expensive time-consuming S1000D data conversion to take advantage of the world’s most powerful IETM/P

ADS is 100% American owned and operated and led by USAF veterans with more than 120 combined years of military aviation experience, teamed with amazingly innovative software engineers using unique development methodology to consistently deliver paradigm-shifting software.

MDDV is 100% hardware, software, and OS agnostic. When used as connected (from the internet, cloud, network) it is 100% zero-footprint (all you need is to click on one link), from any major browser.

As a suite of web-based applications, MDDV functions seamlessly with zero plug-ins or extensions (including for displaying vector graphics, video, and 3D graphics and illustrations).

MDDV is designed to automatically adjust and function fully on touch screens and small screen sizes.

MDDV leads the industry in digital wiring. LiveWire™ is the most adaptable, interactive, interoperative digital wiring program on the market today and integrates completely with MDDV, Parts Wizard™, and interoperable backend IT systems.one senior USAF maintainer (level 9) exclaimed, “Wow! What you just did in 30 seconds takes 2 to 3 hours with what we have now! Most 3-levels can’t even do it.”

MDDV supports PDD so small updates can be provided quickly and efficiently (no need to provide a complete copy of the whole dataset).

Yes, MDDV is fully operational (securely) from the internet, cloud (any cloud), and network. MDDV offers secure operation while connected online or using disconnected (standalone) eTools.

MDDV virtualizes aircraft, support equipment, and vehicle operations and maintenance forms & logbooks integrated within MDDV. MDDV ensures input data accuracy by auto-populating data elements direct from the IETM/P. MDDV auto-logs actions within the IETM/P and enables real-time aircraft health reporting to I-See™ maintenance management dashboards.

MDDV logs and times each maintenance action including all troubleshooting steps, removed/installed parts, performed by all users, on all the aircraft, at all times. This data is fed into a sophisticated system that is using AI to curate corrective maintenance actions with discrepancies, and, using ML, provide recommended improvements to troubleshooting procedures based on historical troubleshooting and repair data.

MDDV is commercial software (COTS software) and it is fully patented.

ADS provides consulting and support services related to S1000D solution (all issues including 5.0) implementation, MIL-STD-3048B, and support of all S-Series Specifications (S2000M, S3000L, S4000P, S5000F, and S6000T). ADS excels in converting anything from small commercial aircraft data up to data for some of the largest aircraft in the world.Conversion of S1000D viewer is available from any data source (from PDF all the way to earlier versions of S1000D). We developed and perfected an innovative S1000D data conversion software that provides the most accurate and complete conversion to S1000D services - in record times and very reasonable price. When S1000D data conversion services are used, with our MDDV, it provides the end-users with unprecedented ease of use and the most responsive interface in the market.


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