LiveWire™ - Interactive Wiring Diagram and Schematic UI

“Wow! What you just did in 30 seconds takes 2 to 3 hours with what we have now! Most 3- and 5-levels can’t even do it.” (USAF Senior Maintainer)

LiveWire™ delivers the most intuitive and interactive wiring diagram and schematic UI that interoperates fully with all areas of a complete technical data library. By connecting with illustrated parts catalogs, troubleshooting, and interacting with existing logistics data systems, LiveWire dramatically speeds effective troubleshooting and battle damage repair, drastically increasing the availability of weapon system and fleet resources by getting to the right wiring repair…faster.

Moreover, LiveWire increases the speed and accuracy of part and consumable requisitions while precisely informing supply chain management in real-time. With its state-of-the-art wiring illuminator and speed-of-need access to ALL schematic and wiring repair information, LiveWire makes even inexperienced technicians into powerful maintainers.

“It’s like having a 7-level in your pocket!” (USAF Maintainer)

LiveWire is an optional module of American Data Solutions' Multipurpose Digital Data Viewer (MDDV™), the only 6‑generation IETM/P in the market. Modern aircraft are more and more electronic and troubleshooting and repair of wiring issues are the most challenging aspect of maintenance, making MDDV and LiveWire the most effective solution, that truly changes the troubleshooting game. It's no wonder MDDV is the IETM of choice for future OEM/commercial and DoD programs.

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LiveWire™ - Interactive Wiring Diagram and Schematic UI