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MDDV and Theory of Constraints (TOC)

Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt’s “The Goal” highlighted critical factors in maximizing efficiency and effective management of manufacturing and maintenance. By identifying the constraints of each step that bottleneck processes, the Theory of Constraints (ToC) allows leaders to focus improvement efforts to optimize activities.

MDDV™ takes the next evolutionary step in ToC by automating human “bottlenecks” in data collection using LOG™. Additionally, MDDV leverages AI and machine learning to curate data and optimize process outputs for decision support by quickly identifying limiting factors and recommending process improvements. MDDV modules like Fleet Troubleshooting Analyzer™, Visual Search™, Weapons Wizard™, LiveWire™, and Parts Wizard™ intuitively guide users through optimal process flows and update troubleshooting steps and requirements for personnel, support equipment, and supply based on actual usage data. I-See™ management dashboards present clear, real-time data for functional managers.

No matter your process, applying MDDV, the world’s only 6th generation IETM, to ToC and other LEAN methodologies will ensure you deliver on-time-in-full (OTIF) to your customers, reduce costs, inventory, and cycle times, all while maximizing returns. MDDV is the game-changer your organization needs.

LinkedIn April 21, 2022

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