MDDV (short for Multipurpose Digital Data Viewer) is a complete and modular, next generation IETM solution. MDDV is included in the SWEEFT. MDDV365 provides the full MDDV experience and performance over the internet.


Parts Wizard is an online illustrated Parts Catalog (IPB) specially tailored for large weapon systems, and includes graphical search capabilities and connectivity with external systems.
Parts Wizard is an optional module of the SWEEFT.

Weapons Wizard™ takes the complex and dangerous process of loading weapons on a fighter aircraft to a new level. It is a module of our MDDV (Multipurpose Digital Data Viewer), that requires customization for the intended platform.


I-See is a business intelligence technology that is unique in providing true multidimensional, LIVE presentation and analysis of multi-source databases, over the web, with NO client installation (zero-footprint).
I-See is an optional module of the SWEEFT.

Under SWEEFT, the LOG software transparently collects the users' activities and reports them to the I-See server.
LOG is an optional module of the SWEEFT.

SWEEFT, includes a CSDB with unparalleled configuration management capabilities.
CSDB is an optional module of the SWEEFT.


MDDT (short for Multipurpose Digital Data Training) is a complete S1000D training platform, SCORM compliant. It can reuse technical data in S1000D (used in MDDV, or other IETMs) in its classes. MDDT is an optional module of the SWEEFT.

Under SWEEFT, the Val/Ver Aid Software automates the validation (certification) process, comparing the IETM (MDDV) data with a source PDF.
Val/Ver Aid Software is an optional module of SWEEFT.


SWEEFT (short for SoftWare Enabled Enterprise Fleet Technology)  is a complete and modular software suite for S1000D creation, sustainment, and use. MDDV, Parts Wizard, I-See, LOG, Val-Ver Aid, MDDT and our CSDB are included in the SWEEFT suite.