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ADS provides consulting and support services related to S1000D solution (all issues including 5.0) implementation, MIL-STD-3048A, and support of all S-Series Specifications (S2000M, S3000L, S4000P, S5000F and S6000T).
ADS excels in converting anything from small commercial aircraft data up to data for some of the largest aircraft in the world.

Conversion of S1000D viewer is available from any data source (from PDF all the way to earlier versions of S1000D).

We developed and perfected an innovative S1000D data conversion software that provides the most accurate and complete conversion to S1000D services - in record times and very reasonable price.
When S1000D data conversion services are used, with our MDDV, it provides the end users with unprecedented ease of use and the most responsive interface in the market.  
Our MDDV, in connection with our advanced modules (read more about SWEEFT), used in an S1000D standard environment, provides the authoring organization with unparalleled capabilities, performance, and flexibility. When supporting multiple configurations, its ease of use and power provide tremendous value and savings.

Great Example

We converted the S1000D specification to S1000D XML format (what a novel idea...), contact us to view it in MDDV - over the internet.

Want to see and use S1000D in a new way?

S1000D Compatible Products


MDDV (short for Multipurpose Digital Data Viewer) is a complete and modular, next generation IETM solution. MDDV is included in the SWEEFT. MDDV365 provides the full MDDV experience and performance over the internet.


Parts Wizard is an online illustrated Parts Catalog (IPB) specially tailored for large weapon system, and includes graphical search capabilities and connectivity with external systems.
Parts Wizard is an optional module of the SWEEFT.


I-See is a business intelligence technology that is unique in providing true multidimensional, LIVE presentation and analysis of multi-source databases, over the web, with NO client installation (zero-footprint).
I-See is an optional module of the SWEEFT.


SWEEFT (short for SoftWare Enabled Enterprise Fleet Technology) is a complete and modular, next generation IETM solution.